Thursday, November 10, 2005

Theme Song

The Silly Red Head one... she sings to me all the time. Here's the song she sings to the tune of "How much is that doggy by the window?":

I love that the bun-bun by the window...
The one with the spotted tail.
I do love that the bun-bun by the window...
So much it's off the scale.

I wonder about her mental state... this is just one of many. It's amusing though.

Investing my surroundings is a part of my regular routine. I must know the heigh and position of everything around me. For exmaple this shot of me I have measuring the height of the chair. Posted by Picasa

I'm the corner-stone of many things on this planet... this shelf unit being only one. I bet you didn't know that. Posted by Picasa

My caretaker... she loves to snap a shot of me relaxing. Posted by Picasa

I'm helping making the bed. The chores I'm forced to do. I will revolt one day and be free. Posted by Picasa

Another side view of me... yes again of my good side. I was ready for my close up for this shot. Posted by Picasa

Phase One

Phase One: Complete
Yes, I'm thrilled to report Phase One (Short Ears Embrace) of my plan has been completed. I have convinced at least one of my "owners" that I trust her. I allowed her on two occasions on Wednesday to pick me up. I had to gain this bond with her to allow the other phases pass and my total plan to be a success.
I was set free from my little room/cage and it felt great to stretch my legs. I practiced some Accient BunnyKung-Fo moves. I heard giggles and motivational remarks from my "owners" as I doubled jump and flipped 180's. Silly humans.
I will prepare and start Phase Two shortly. Phase Two is called Short Ears Whipped. I will futher act to gain the trust of the two who watch over me.

Location no longer secure... ending message.
Over and out.

My minor at college BRU (Bunny Rabbit Univerisity) was fabric and design. Yes... I'm not joking. Here I'm inspecting the cotton, allergy free stuffed pillow. And might I add what good craftmanship on sems Posted by Picasa

Relaxing. But the paparazzi here keeps finding me. Posted by Picasa

Yes... this is my offiial side profile. This is my good side (snicker)... yes I have a good side. I only let it out occasionaly when I want something. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Plan 08041224 - Covert Operation - Cuteness

Lucky Bunny, esquire...
Plan 08041224 has been assigned to you by the CottonTail division. If you choose to accept this vital mission you could ensure the Bunny Race position on this planet. Covert Operation alias Cuteness is plan taliored directly for you. You will need to use your handsome goodlooks and charming rabbit-ality (similiar to personality) to charm your way out. Once out make contact with an aquatic ally named Penn. He will direct you to your next point of contact.
As with all missions, if you're caught we will not make any attempt for a resue. We will deny any association. This message will self destruct in 5 minutes...

Just relaxin'.... Can't I get a moment without the camera in my face mom? Posted by Picasa

I'm ready for my close up. Posted by Picasa

Bunny in Blue.  Posted by Picasa

Peek A Boo Posted by Picasa